apple with stethoscopeA priority for many Americans is nurturing body, mind and spirit. Caring for one’s physical health is a life-long commitment that takes time, effort and knowledge. In order to help people take better care of their bodies, the Chicagoland Speakers Network has a number of members who specialize in the areas of physical health including nutrition, exercise, sleep, cardiovascular health, weight management, women’s health, dental care, green living, aging, and alternative medicine.

Every day, Americans are affected by the myriad challenges, stresses and demands on their lives. And every day, they seek help in responding to them. With regard to mental and emotional well-being, many Southland speakers are available to talk about stress management, healthy living, managing addictions, overcoming depression and anxiety, goal setting, conflict management, the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and wellness in the workplace.

Spirituality is generally considered to be the search for meaning and purpose in human existence, oftentimes including a belief in a power or source outside of ourselves that assists in the search. Spirituality provides a framework for individuals to live each day in a way that is consistent with our values and beliefs. Because spirituality holds significance in most people’s lives, the Chicagoland Speakers Network has speakers who specialize in mindful awareness practices, learning to forgive, alternative and holistic healing, and behavioral methods of healing such as yoga, meditation, and energy therapy.