Associate Benefits

Speakers view at meetingInternet Exposure
All Chicagoland Speakers Network Associates receive a free listing on this website.  Included in this listing is your brief bio, list of topics, social media links, links to your website(s), as well as links from industry specific pages.

Our monthly meetings cover all aspects of building and sustaining a speaking business.  We use our internal expertise to help each other be successful.  Often times, associates are given the opportunity to speak in front of the membership to obtain helpful, constructive feedback regarding their speaking skills.  Associates are able to improve their technique and delivery methods by leveraging the knowledge and experience of other associates.

We also encourage our associates to present brief workshops or presentations on topics relating directly to the group.  In the past these topics have included How to Get Paid Speaking Gigs, Writing Professional Proposals and Organizing/Optimizing Your Marketing Time.

Networking & Referrals
We urge our associates to help each other by sharing connections with other associates.  The Give First Principle is alive and well in our groups.

CSN is constantly planning quality events that will help associates to generate new business contacts, meet potential clients, and build relationships.  Among those events are the annual Women’s Empowerment Event and the Public Speaking Symposium.

We are also the number one resource for speakers for the South Suburban College’s Business & Career Institute events.  Standard Bank & Trust’s Breakfast for Business Success also regularly uses our associates.

Advance Your Speaking Career
Opportunities are constantly abound through a network of speaking professionals like you who are actively building their speaking careers.  It’s a place where you can be a part of a like-minded community where the pursuit of knowledge and the sharing of ideas is a way of life.  It’s your opportunity to change your world one speech at a time!

Becoming an Associate of CSN

  1. Anyone interested in joining CSN may visit no more than two (2) monthly meeting to learn more about the organization.
  2. Interested newcomers will be given an application and asked to provide a bio and representative topics.  Candidates should have experience in public speaking with knowledge and skill in developing content, organizing speeches, using gestures, props and media, and speaking articulately using proper grammar and vocalization.  Individuals new to public speaking are encouraged to seek out other resources before joining CSN, such as Toastmasters International.
  3. Candidates will be scheduled for a panel assessment which will be conducted on an as-scheduled basis.  If a candidate is recommended for membership by a current associate in good standing, the panel assessment may be waived.
  4. The panel assessment will consist of an 8-10 minute presentation on a topic in which the candidate has expertise.
  5. The candidate will be reviewed using the CSN evaluation form and require a majority vote of the panel to gain acceptance into CSN.
  6. The candidate will be contacted with an acceptance or denial for membership into the CSN within at least one week.  Whenever possible, a decision will be made the day of the panel assessment.
  7. Accepted candidates will be required to submit associate fees prior to the next monthly meeting in order to be inducted.  He/she will also be required to submit information (including a head shot) for inclusion on the CSN website.
  8. Candidates that are denied may re-apply at a future date, no earlier than three months.
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