Sabrina Schottenhamel

Sabrina Schottenhamel

Sabrina Schottenhamel is a Speaker, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Fitness Instructor. She is passionate for the work she does by helping her clients thrive in their lives. Her company is Be Touched MassageTherapy; you get the total package when working with Sabrina.
Be Touched~massage
Be Healthy~ Ageless Body 4 Life
Be Happy~ *coming soon*

Her speaking topics include:

  1. The Productivity Push! How to become more effective in the workplace.

    Would you like to feel energized all day? Would you like to achieve more while working
    less? Would you like to think more clearly and feel great? In this powerful program you
    will learn how to:

    • Customize your workstation to set you up for success
    • Make simple adjustments to sustain your inner power
    • Integrate key strategies that will energize your body and free your mind
    • Achieve body balance for peak performance
  2. Ageless Body 4 Life program

    Simple changes to self care through Food, Fitness, and Fun!

    • How to make simple food adjustments
    • Increase your daily activities
    • Have fun! Care for yourself once again
  3. Relationships – Why you deserve to be Happy! *coming soon!*
    • She is currently working on putting together a video program and book. Her intention is to help people and couples be or find happiness in their world.

Sabrina has spoken to networking groups and small business owners sharing her wealth of knowledge. She’s a part of professional networking and speaking groups; Exceptional Services Network, Engaging Speakers, Toastmasters International, and Chicagoland Speakers Network.

When Sabrina speaks you can see and feel her joy and passion shining outward and her creativity sparkles into your soul improving your over all life.

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